Gone Fishing

I’ve never been fishing nor do I ever plan to go. It doesn’t mean im checking out of reality or dropping out of life’s duties either. What I REALLY mean by ‘gone fishing’ is that I’m fishing to get people to my shop and hopefully purchase something.

First of all I don’t imagine fishing is very easy, well nor is getting people to your site. Over the past month I have really gone all out with offers and sales and promotional posts on social media, newsletter sign-up incentives, I even animated a little video. All of which, trying to get people to come and see the cool shit that I’m really proud of!

Now the big question… Did I catch anything? Besides the cold I’ve just got over this past week, not really! I had these grand and thoughtful ideas and went hunting for a tuna but all I got was a sardine. A little bite. A scamp. A couple of newsletter sign-ups, a few more follows on Instagram and a cheeky little purchase from a Norwegian friend. I suppose everyone’s got to start somewhere and on reflection a single sardine might not make a very big meal but because I caught it, the feeling tastes great!

Whilst I’m sure there will be more sardines rather than giant tuna fish I gather fishing is more about patience and perseverance. There will be good days and bad I’m sure and in reality I’ve only been going for about month so I should just chill and keep on keeping on!

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