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New Product!

Another abstract bird has been added for sale. That’s two for the series so far!

Check out the series here.

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Gone Fishing

I’ve never been fishing nor do I ever plan to go. It doesn’t mean im checking out of reality or dropping out of life’s duties either. What I REALLY mean by ‘gone fishing’ is that I’m fishing to get people to my shop and hopefully purchase something.

First of all I don’t imagine fishing is very easy, well nor is getting people to your site. Over the past month I have really gone all out with offers and sales and promotional posts on social media, newsletter sign-up incentives, I even animated a little video. All of which, trying to get people to come and see the cool shit that I’m really proud of!

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Coming soon to the fruit series is a set of delicious berries. Will be available in a4 format over the coming months. More when it is live!

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Going for it and setting up a shop!

Well I’m very proud that I now have my own little commercial corner of thecinternet to sell my wears on. No more fees to display my products on other sites it’s a chance for me to grown my own brand in my own little world.

As proud as I am it’s still pretty darn scary! Mainly because I think the direction forward will undoubtably be up hill. Will it work at all? Will people like this stuff? If I invest in more stock will it sell? What if no body comes! Question, questions, questions. All of which I don’t have any answers to. But as always I like to give things a good punt and I’m used to hills with living in the south-west of England.

Only time will tell what will happen. But I love what I do and I’m a firm believer that if one keeps on keeping on then good things will always happen!

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Two Sailors

Two sailors of on some travels to a nice home in Oslo! See more nautical prints here.

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New Product – Handpainted Fox Illustration 7×10″

Part of the Original Artworks range. Here is a fox (or squirrel as I’ve been told). See full product details here.

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Opening Sale Now on!

Finally finished my shop and to celebrate here’s a coupon code for the sale. Simply use ‘SALE2018’ in the cart or checkout and recieve 25% off your order. Available from today until the end of January! Visit the shop here.

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Coming Soon!

Working on some alternative greeting cards which are seeminlgy naughty on the outside but have a positive message on the in! Expect more visuals of these!

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I have some new patterned pieces coming soon. Think they’re going to look awesome in frames but also perhaps as wrapping paper too?