What or Who is Petu?
Petu is me, Peter Clayton, and was a nick name given to me by a few Estonian colleges, when I was living in Estonia many years ago. The name never stuck but I liked it anyway! More about me here.

Is it safe and secure here to order things?
Yes. I’ve worked hard to make Petu Studio a safe environment for users. The site uses a secure https connection which has been verified by letsencrypt.org. So that should hopefully put you at ease that your info is safe. Here’s the Privacy Policy.

Do I need to make an account to purchace something?
Nope! the option is there should you need it but you can order something without making an account first.

When will I get my order?
I usually process orders within 1-3 days. So within the British Isles it shouldn’t be more than a couple of days after that. More info to other locations will come to light as I get more orders. Sorry for the vagueness.

Can I return a product?
Of course you can! Hopefully this will never happen but if it you’re not happy then I’m happy to accept returns. Please note you will not be refunded for return postage costs. If a package or envelope looks damaged please don’t accept it, contact me right away and we’ll see what we can do to rectify the situation.